The Vision

How connected do you feel to what you are doing, where you are going in life, and who is around you?

What’s your connection to your work? Do you want to change it?

What lies up ahead for you? Who and what is influencing it positively?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself, your social and working life?

Are your devices ruling your life? Are you becoming more and more digitally distracted?


We are alone. together. Isolated even as we become more connected. We are becoming the hive mind even as we wake up to our selves, which some science calls an illusion, and some call an example of science’s own self-delusion.

The Critical Incident aims to help you experiment with the past, present and the future.

Everyone attending, and everyone leading a session is trying out new stuff. New ideas, new approaches, new thoughts, feelings, and new doing.

Over 30 happenings all in one day.

Debate, dialogue, discussion, performance, learning, transformation, development, innovation, challenge and creativity.

Many points of view.

Many skills and different sources of knowing and doing.

Laughter and pain. Playing and working. Reflection and experimenting.

It’s about your life, your work and the spaces in between.

A day to explore, a day to look at life and work. A day of play and experimentation.

A Critical Incident is an event of life changing significance.

This event is the melting pot of innovation and change, of the art of revolution, and the science of calm. Welcome.