The Programme in Detail

The Programme, in detail…

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This was the 2013 programme…

0900-1000 Tune-in and Check-in Zone

0900 Action Learning Zone

Led by Paul Levy and David Knowles, this is an informal opportunity to experience action learning. Bring a live question or problem to solve and get some creative input from others. You’ll get a dedicated time slot and a chance to no longer be alone with your problem, question or challenge. Help to solve it or explore it together. And the focus is always on taking that next step, taking action.

0900 Arrival and check-in

1000 Opening Circle

We’ll survey the day, get some intros to sessions and this is a chance to meet fellow attendees at Critical Incident.

1030 Workshop Zone 1

Become your Own Medicine and Taste the Honey on your Spoon, led by Jenny Sessions

Paying attention to the power of being alone with ourselves not ‘lonely’ enables us to be more dynamic and connected when we are with others .

this resonates for me with the idea of one tribe, one heart, one drum

When earthed in our authentic Prescence we tend to connect more easily from our heart .
Coming together in concious community that can move mountains for the Benifit of all
without loosing self in the process

“When I am alone, with myself
I am able to be with you. Together we are one….together we are strong “Js

This will be an experiential workshop with an organic flavour to its structure. It will have many of its ingredients to hand others revealed by co creating in the moment.

It will offer a movable feast held with compassionate intent

There will be a Safe space and talking circle to speak about our own human journey from ‘Mayhem to Medicine’ .
space to witness ,honour and celebrate ourselves and each other

We will explore the gifts within adversity the critical incidents that can stop us dead in our tracks and offer to become the very wind beneath our wings

Exploring and redefining life’s painful interruptions can invite new perspective

new perspective brings opportunity to transform and heal, turn mayhem into medicine and add valuable pearls of wisdom to our medicine bag and be of service to all

Allowing Adversity to become the very bedrock of new opportunity, self empowerment and rite of passage, we are reminded who we really are
And an alchemical shift takes place through which we may become our own
healing catalyst for change

During this workshop we will gather a sense of the personal medicine we carry . The insights, talents, skills and wisdom we have gathered on our journey through life and put them into our own medicine bag

we will look into our medicine bags and see what we have gathered on our earth walk

We will consider what needs to be released, transformed, added to and celebrated in order to distill our
experiences and become even more authentically
our own medicine

We will work with the voice of spirit song, and other creative tools as guided.

Alone, Together,we will invite and facilitate blocks to be moved, meaningful meetings with each other to take place and the opportunity for us to shine our shine directing our radiance into the world where it’s needed without bypassing ourself on the way
Healing comes out of balance

‘Where the light comes even darkness shines’

Together as one we are strong

As an intuitive guide I work a great deal with the power of now and would invite you to do the same. I am willing to work with individuals and groups internationally so if you feel the calling to create a circle or sessions or would like to find out more about the elements of empowerment that I work with, please call me to discuss possibilities and focus.

I hope some of you may feel to join me at CRITICAL INCIDENT for a ‘rite of passage’ and take another step towards ‘becoming your own medicine’ for the benefit of all.

Our Selves – Public and Private, Led by Sam Chittenden

We will explore the internal families of our sub-personalities or inner selves, along with the roles we usually play out in the world. We will use mask work to discover where we hide and how we can show up more in our lives and relationships.

We all have ways of hiding – masks that we wear – especially when we are feeling judged or vulnerable. The mask can make us feel safe, but ultimately it can disconnect us not only from others, but from our true selves, leaving us feeling very alone. The only way to really play safe is to risk being seen.

The experiment: Although I have used mask work and constellation in this area of personal development before, I have not brought in archetypal personas to the mix. I will be exploring what this might add to my practice.

About Sam: Brighton-based Different Development offer unique & powerful approaches to personal & organisational development. We focus on developing courage, connection and voice, using a blend of traditional and arts-based methods.

Different Development’s Director, Sam Chittenden, has many years’ experience as a Board Director, as well as being an actor, writer & poet. Sam is currently writing a book about Metaphor & Leadership. She also leads The Mastery of Self Expression in Brighton.

Make a Deep Connection – Mindful Tango Led by Lotus Nguyen

We may have thousands of “connected” online friends, but if these connections are superficial, we still feel alone. Deep connection is meaningful, rewarding and enriching. Mindful Tango offers the opportunity to explore the magic of finding peace and happiness by connecting deeply to yourself, to the dance partner and to the music. Mindful Tango trains your awareness, alertness and focus. It will help you to let go, become present and stay connected.

The beauty of tango lies in its connection. If one can learn to bring its beauty to daily life, connecting to oneself and to the world around, one will find contentment and happiness every day.

There are many mindfulness meditations including sitting meditation, lying meditation, eating meditation, walking meditation, dancing meditation, etc. For me, Argentine tango is a form of mindfulness meditation in movement. In Mindful tango we will walk in meditation to tango steps and music with and without a partner. Anyone can attend the session. You don’t have to bring a partner. You don’t have to feel you are able to dance. Even if you feel you have to left feet, if you can walk, you can dance with mindful tango.

About Lotus: Lotus is a mindfulness teacher and coach, working with organisations and individuals who want to reduce stress, improve work performance and enrich their lives. Through mindfulness training and coaching, she helps them to connect with themselves and the world around, unleash their inner power and open their hearts so that they can live a rich, full and meaningful life whilst dealing with the inevitable challenges of life effectively.

1200 Talk and Conversation Zone 1

Diving into the Digital Inferno – practical ways to reclaim your “self” from your mobile life. (Led by author of the forthcoming book, Learning to Dance with Spiders, Paul Levy)

This new session will explore the how we can regain mastery over our devices – our laptops, phones and tablets. Hos can we be so connected, yet also so isolated? Drawing on three years of research, this interactive discussion gives into the digital inferno!

About Paul: Paul Levy is writing a book about consciousness and the digital world. He’s been a facilitator for over 20 years.

Without You I’m Nothing: How Crowdfunding is Changing Culture Tim Pilcher

This will be a talk about how crowd-funding is changing how we create, fund and distribute the arts, design and creativity.

The talk will specifically focus on my own personal experiences of launching a book on Kickstarter and more generally, will discuss how crowd-funding is scaring the pants off the big corporations. Thanks to sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the true age of “The Long Tail” is maturing and the so-called “gatekeepers” of culture are becoming redundant.

The talk examines how individuals from all over the world will pledge money to another person on the other side of the planet, who they’ve never met, to produce a film, book, stage play or product, in exchange for rewards. The democratisation of arts funding now means that anyone can be a patron of the arts, and I’ll be looking at the social benefits of us all becoming digital Medicis!

About Tim: Writer/editor with 20 years experience in the book trade at Dorling Kindersley, Penguin and Ilex Press. I’ve commissioned over 80 titles and I’ve written 18 books on a variety of topics. I launched my first book on Kickstarter, Comic Book Babylon, in April this year, which was fully funded in two weeks. I believe this is the future of publishing.

Sexy, I am, Led by Santiago Sartorious

A talk leading to a workshop, to be improvised in the moment.

Can we stand on how sexy we are? Intimacy with ourselves is often avoided. What it comes to is: creativity. Can we stand on how creative we are?
Can we stand on how attractive we are to ourselves, and to others? Do we really like ourselves? This is crucial, to how we relate with it all.

Do we like ourselves?, would I date myself? Would i choose me as a friend? We live in our own macro world, and from there relate to the outside world, the others. The session will dig into how we are relating being alone together.

About Santiago: He is a Creativity facilitator, speaker.

1300 LUNCH

1330 PERFORMANCE – The Culture Show, performed and led by Amandine

The theme of the show is identity and will explore human interactions which take place in London. It will explore different characters, their interactions, behaviours. It will explore ways of interacting and involving an audience in the making of a show.

An interactive dance performance.
Set up as a reality tv show, the audience will play the directors who will inform the direction of the show. There will be a host, two interviewed and a cameraman performed by four dancers.

Alone = there will be solos which investigates the identity of different characters roles.
Together = This is a show which will involve audience participation so that each individual has a role to play as an individual, as an artist and part of a wider group.

The experiment: I will be exploring ways to play with audience participation in dance

I will be exploring ways of representing themes of cultural differences

About Amandine: I am a Dance Choreographer with a keen interest in producing Live and Interactive Dance Performances. The audience is key to my work. I like to work within physical theatre, contemporary dance, contact improvisation and performance art. I like to explore identity and what it means to be human? My works have been called brave, ambitious and fresh!

1400 Workshop Zone 2

Hallelujah, brothers and sisters! Staging the Collective Experience, Led by Michael Parker

Can you feel the Spirit of the Lord? Or even of each other? Anyone interested in the possibility of being part of a shared collective experience through any staged / theatrical event is invited to share their experiences, hopes and ideas about it. Whether you are an artist / performer hoping to whip up a collective euphoria, a partaker of the arts who has often / sometimes / never felt part of something shared, or someone who believes the very notion is a conceit, come and share in the Hallelujah Experience, and leave blessed.

Churches close and reopen as theatres. The world tunes in to a theatrical Olympic opening ceremony. We sing along with the choir, the football crowd, the rock star, the Internet sensation. And the festival goes on and on, reinvents itself, and stays the same. There is still an urge to find connection in a cultural event. But, as our cultural intake becomes more individualised, more a lone experience, is it possible?

The experiment: I hope participants will leave with ideas that can be put into action in cultural events. I hope that these ideas will be founded in exploring a shared cultural experience within the workshop space.

About Michael:

Poet, performer, host, mountainman and mentor, I set out on adventures into the Wild. I believe I will find the Beautiful Place, the Wondrous Thing, the Hidden or hard-won Überbling. In the Big, in the Wild, is the energy of storm, the hardness of rock, the flow and the flood, the weakness and strength of humanity. Find it. Bring it back. Live it. Share it. That’s what I’m doing.
Host of Hammer and Tongue Brighton, God and other characters in Book of Job: The Musical, poet and storyteller to Glastonbury and other festivals, inventor / creator of numerous quirky performance events.

Discovering yourself, your strengths and your natural talents led by Alex Bailey

We often go through life doing well at certain things, getting praise for them and doing them more yet they are often just learned skills/behaviours and not what really excites us or gives us any fulfilment. Our strengths are unique and natural to us and what we use when we are at our best. Rather than trying to help people change and gain some new shiny attributes and characteristics that are desirable I aim to help people understand that they are already wonderful. Through strengths discovery people can be the best version of themselves, that already exists, on a more frequent basis. This increases happiness and fulfilment with work, relationships and life.

A group discussion workshop using questions to awaken our understanding of ourselves and specifically our strengths.

This discovery session helps individuals increase their own self awareness, but also helps them increase their awareness of others enhancing relationships and connections/interactions with others.

I’m a positive psychologist and strengths coach. I pioneered the first strengths based organisations in the UK and then Internationally (Norwich Union/Aviva 75,000 employees across 27 countries). I am passionate about helping people increase their happiness and fulfilment in life. I work with individuals, teams and organisations.

Laughter Session, Led by Emma Hiwaizi

Introduction includes: History of laughter yoga, benefits of laughter and explains that fake laughter and real laughter have many of the same benefits… (NLP)

Will then structure session to start with games / songs followed by laughter exercises. Session concludes with a laughter meditation where we sit or lie and laugh for no reason followed by a relaxing visualisation including positive hypnotic suggestions…

A laughter workshop incorporating games, songs, laughter yoga exercises, deep breathing and a laughter meditation…

(Laughter yoga is a combination of deep breathing and laughter exercises) – there are no yoga postures as such…

We laugh more when we are with others compared to when we are alone… With increasing emphasis on digital – we typically spend more and more time in front of screens, with less actual face to face time… This increases feelings of loneliness and isolation… Many of us simply do not laugh as much as we used to!

Laughter connects us.

Laughter is the staff of life… When we laugh we feel energized, relaxed, calm and connected to one another. Regular laughter can help us to let go of negative thoughts and patterns, and to become more playful and creative in our daily lives. Not only that but studies have shown that laughter increases oxygentation in the body, boosts endorphin levels (the love hormone), increases our resilience to pain, boosts the immune system and can help us to feel more joyful.

Quite simply – laughter is the best medicine.

After a laughter session we feel better in ourselves and because we are in a better mood we are more likely to smile at and be kind to others and thus a positive ripple effect spreads…

The experiment:

Laughter Yoga is relatively new (founded in India in 1995) and still relatively unheard of…

The way I work is unique with the emphasis on play and games…

For Critical Incident, I will create new Brighton themed games and laughter exercises – which I will showcase for the first time at Critical Incident.

About Emma:

I am the former publisher of the Green Guide for London and Juno Magazine – a natural parenting magazine.

I stumbled into Laughter Yoga a couple of years ago, after a challenging time in my life. The healing power of laughter is well documented – and it has had a profoundly positive effect in my life… Helping me to deal with stressful situations and change in a calm and positive manner.

We have been running weekly laughter sessions in Brighton (Brighton Laughter Club) for just over a year. It is a real joy to be helping to spread the gift of laughter…

1530 Coffee

1545 Workshop Zone 3

Chair Yoga, Led by Sue Bradley

Traditional yoga poses will be adapted to suit a session where participants remain in everyday clothes. Ideal for Western bodies who spend a significant amount of time sitting at a computer. You will either be sitting on a chair, or using one for support. Pranayama is a traditional set of breathing exercises which are both energising and calming to the nervous system. No yoga mats involved and no special clothing required.

Despite being surrounded by others all performing the same exercises in a yoga class, your experience is still a unique personal journey. In this session we will use techniques to focus on Pratyahara or ‘withdrawal of the senses’, taking you into a private space that is yours alone.

The experiment: This will be an experimental session in that it uses none of the traditional props of yoga – no mats, no blocks, and no lying down or sitting cross legged on the floor.

About Sue:

Sue is an experienced teacher and practitioner, a former member of Pookiesnackenburger and Ra Ra Zoo, former Head of Drama at Varndean School and Director of the deeply missed Creative Partnerships programme for the Arts Council. She has a B.A Hons in Visual & Performing Arts, a PGCE in Music and an M.A. in Drama Education & Multiple Intelligences. She was a speaker at TEDX Brighton 2011 and is a regular reviewer for She is currently managing Digital and Creative Media Apprenticeship programmes in Brighton. Sue also plays violin in her band the BlueHearts and musical saw in the Sawchestra.
Sue is a fully qualified teacher of Vajrasati yoga and includes influences from all her creative activity, resulting in a holistic, informative and friendly approach.

We Are Awakening… to who we are! Led by Nathan Godolphin

We Are Awakening is a talk about who we are, what we’re doing here, and what this life is really all about. Of course, it’s up to each one of us to find out for ourselves. Thankfully, there are pointers along the way. REALLY Knowing who we are is REAL empowerment. It’s a Cosmic Story unfolding… and it’s all about Awareness.

So it’s about exploring Universal Human Nature, in all its different expressions! 🙂 Powerful and uplifting!

Please go to to take a closer look 🙂

I saw this theme and was amazed at how well it fits. In the talk, ‘Alone’ refers to the Oneness of Spiritual Identity- our Spiritual Unity. ‘Together’ relates to the way this Oneness exists in the many parts, the many beautiful expressions and variations in our lives.

Despite our differences we all share the same desire for Love, Peace and Happiness, as this is our True Nature, expressed through the balance of light and dark 🙂 So it’s very different to the feeling of ‘being alone in the crowd.’

It affirms both our Unity, and our variation. The talk offers a new way of seeing Spiritual development and understanding, essentially inclusive, and incorporates a distillation of teachings from around the world. Always, to bring people back to their Self, and their own direct experience. Blind belief (or disbelief!) not encouraged!

The experiment:

Giving the talk in itself is an experiment! I am speaking my truth- a truth that is potentially beyond my own personal experiences and understandings, and relevant to all. A truth that cannot always be heard in the manic world we live in! A truth that echoes many mystical traditions, yet remains truly pertinent to where we find ourselves in today’s world.

It’s a very different message to what many sources seem to give, and it is experimental in the sense that it pushes the limits of our understanding of our fundamental nature. It is non-dogmatic and brings people back to themselves and their own personal responsibility to find their truth and live it. Back to themselves and their own spiritual power, and back to the shared Spirit of community. It has both individual and collective ramifications, potentially limitless implications!

So the content is new and fresh, and the approach is too. It is inclusive, involving short meditations at the beginning and end so people can feel their own presence and participation in the space. There will be questions and answers at the end too. After all, it is our consciousness to explore!

Also, because it is such an inclusive model of understanding, attendees will be invited to share their life experiences in terms of what spiritual awakening means to them. The challenge is to incorporate all the varied responses and understandings into the talk itself- into the ‘way of seeing’ that it expounds- making it truly relevant to all who come along to listen!

About Nathan:

I am now spending my time working on this, and all the projects relating to the empowering understanding of Life and Self that this talk is all about! Running ‘mystical poetry’ workshops, teaching yoga, and dancing! Currently, as all these events are being established, I am simply covering room costs.

The talk actually stems from a book that I wrote (finished last year), but I felt it more dynamic to meet people face to face, sharing and learning in a positive way, investing my energies in what I know I need to do, making the message lived and alive! So that’s what I do now…

I am 29 years old. I live as simply as possible, and enjoy my time in Nature 🙂

Stop! Recognise, Release, Relax, Refresh, Led by Lotus Nguyen

“Darling, I am here for you. Darling, I am happy because I know you are there for me. Darling, I know you are suffering and that is why I am here for you. Darling, I am suffering, please help me.” Those are the four mantras taught by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh on true love. Love is a magical healer, a peaceful conqueror, our true nature. We all want to love and to be loved. This session will explore our heart’s deepest desire and express it such a way that will help us to heal, improve our relationship and enhance our intimacy.

Love is within us all, and yet we don’t often feel it and we are unable to give it properly. We are disconnected with our true self and we live in a way that drains our relationships. Living mindfully with love-guided action will nurture love for self and for others, bring us closer and make us happier instead of separation, loneliness and sadness.
This session will be a mixture of theory ie presentation and discussion and practice ie individual practical application as well as sharing in mindful dialogues.
About Lotus: Lotus is a mindfulness teacher and coach, working with organisations and individuals who want to reduce stress, improve work performance and enrich their lives. Through mindfulness training and coaching, she helps them to connect with themselves and the world around, unleash their inner power and open their hearts so that they can live a rich, full and meaningful life whilst dealing with the inevitable challenges of life effectively.

1715 Talk and Conversation Zone 2

Medicine Ceremony, Led by Iam Powell

A medicine ceremony is a personal healing journey undertaken in the context of a group, it is a tribal experience of both individual transformation and collective metamorphosis. Faced simply with the reflection of our shadow, we’re ultimately alone – together.

Ideally I’d like 3 or 4 hours during the afternoon session, in the largest, most auspicious space. There’ll be a number of co-facilitators (eg. Santiago, Jenny, Robin, Claudia, Kate) and we’ll be using sage and a drum.

Open Space Slots – Emergent Talks

1845 The Great Debate – Thousands of Connections and No Real Friends? A Debate about the loss of intimacy in our times hosted by FringeReview

1945-2130 Performance Zone at the Cabin (our lovely venue at the School)

Alone-Together – Live Poetry performance (Guest poets and open slots) hosted by Hammer and Tongue’s Michael Parker

Live music

Live Theatre storytelling performance

Donations to the School