Feedback from Participants

Here’s come comments from last year….

Feedback from past Critical Incidents

“Thank you for another rich and rewarding feast of new ideas, nourishing and revitalising conversations and happy surprises. You make this an event like no other and it is hard to imagine our lives now without this annual watering hole to come to.
Here’s to the next year of our making and making things happen…”
Mark Trezona, Bridgebuilders

“It was fabulous”
Ros Barber, award-winning author of the Marlowe Papers

“fantastic day – thanks all”
Julia Kidd

“Helpful, valuable and enjoyable incident as well as critical.”
Marion DĂ©prez, performer

“An absolute joy to be part of”
Doug Devaney, actor and writer

“Brilliant day,thank you.”
Santiago Sartorius

“I had a great day and met loads of lovely people”
Sarah Rossiter

“I had lots of fun playing”
Sonja Wirwohl

“A really stimulating day, some very powerful insights out of a couple of the sessions, and some wonderful conversations with people I hope will become friends. Brilliant.”
Strat Mastoris

“Thank you for the lovely conversations”
Jeff Olsen, teacher

“Really loved debate last and came away with lots of ideas from all the people who spoke to add to and fire and excite our own thinking about this subject. Thank you”
Mark Trezona, trainer and artist

“What a fascinating, informative and fun day.”
Tig Savage, voice teacher

“It was definitely critical and full of incident…I learnt a lot!
Joe Gill, games inventor and author

“It was a day full of fun, play, creativity and exploration. One of the very special events in Brighton, thank you”

Workshop participant