Some Critical Questions


The theme for Critical Incident Brighton 2013 is: Alone, Together.

Do you feel you belong anywhere?

Do you have a lot of acquaintances, but few friends?

Would you trade your Facebook Friends for a few real, dependable ones?

Can we find new and vibrant connection online?

Are you more connected than ever, yet losing intimacy?

Do you feel more connected with your smartphone in your pocket?

Can you live without your connected devices?

Do you need to be “always on, always connected?”

Do you know how to enjoy being in your own space, alone with your own thoughts and feelings?

Are you looking for a job or career with more of a sense of connection?

Do you Tweet at the school gates when your children are seeking a bit of attention?

Do you recoil from the touch of others, especially those you don’t know?

How are you with eye contact?

Do you find it hard to be on your own?

Does humanity share some of its consciousness?

Is it possible to be selfish AND selfless at the same time?

Are you lost among your group or in your organisation?

Do you find yourself increasingly irritated with your irritations, or do you like them?

Are you addicted to the company of others?

Does instant messaging enrich or degrade your life?

Can you go for an hour without looking at your mobile phone?

Do you walk easily in the digital work realm?

Do you know how to find a natural high in a group or have you found connection through substances?

How do you develop through other people?

Do more people annoy you than please you?

Who could you call on right now, if you needed help or support?

Is Skype video or Facetime as good as meeting face to face? What is lost? Is anything gained?

How do we stand on the stage and connect with an audience?

Are you looking for more connection in your life?

How well do you know yourself? Have you mostly shaped your identity or have others?

What is your relationship with money?

Would you be happy to have your consciousness enhanced by robotic implants?

Would you like deeper connections with others in your life?

How well do you know your boss and your colleagues at work, and does it matter? Do you have to like each other?

When was the last time you were truly open with another person?

Do you have mostly similar kinds of friends? Who else would you like to connect with?

How do you deal with distraction? Can you give others your full attention when they need it?

Do you feel lonely? Do you want to do anything about it?

When was the last time you laughed in a group? Or cried?

Do you wish other people noticed you more? Do you wish your own senses were clearer and stronger?

Have you ever experienced synergy in a group – where we all seemed to be stronger and better together?

Do you wish to break away from dependency on another, or on others?

Are you frightened of being on your own? Are you frightened of committing to connection with another, or others?

Do you always end up on your own?

Are you frightened of dying alone?

Do you know how to get the best out of others, and how to be a “team player”

Does connection with other people in life or work tend to bring out the best or worst in you.

Do you have mostly on superficial relationships with others? Do you fear”deep”?

Do you know how to let go, and move on? Do you know how to take hold, and commit?

Are you commitment-phobic?

Do you find yourself in a lot of social situations, but you still feel apart and alone?

Are you gazing at the text on your phone, when you should be listening to the person in front of you?

Do you know how to get knowledge about yourself from being in dialogue with others?

When did you last start a conversation with a stranger? When were you last truly open to a conversation with a stranger?

Do you feel the world is a dangerous place, a place in which it is better to keep your head down?

Do you find it hard to get motivated at work? Have you lost your mojo?

Do you still feel connected to your childhood? Do you see a pattern in your life and a thread of purpose running into the future?

Do you socialise enough? Too much? In the right way? Are you recycling the same, familiar friends?

Could you be entirely alone if you needed to?

How well do you know yourself? How much does that matter to you?

Would you like to be having more meaningful conversations with others?

Are you replacing a lot of your physical, face to face connection, with online messaging and texting? Do you text when you should call? Do you call when you should meet?

Do you want to dive into the digital world and really experience “avatar” connection ?

Would you be happy to marry a lifelike robot?

Do you feel connected to nature? Does that bother you? Is it important to you?

Are you scared of growing old without having achieved anything? Are you realising your dreams? Is that important to you?

Where next? What next? Why next? How next? When next? Who next?