Critical Incident 2018

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Welcome to the Critical Incident 2018 – coming soon.

After a gorgeous sabbatical, Critical Incident is returning in 2018, exploring the theme of freedom.


Personal Development

Creative thinking

New thinking

Learning and challenging

A day to step back, reflect, try out, unblock, explore, and have a critical incident.

Now in its ninth year, Critical Incident is a day of workshops, discussions, talks and performances exploring a theme. You’ll experience a day full of possibility at a tiny cost.

This year’s working theme is: Freedom

It’s a day to experiment with your personal and working life. It’s a day to have a “critical incident” – a moment of life-changing significance. It’s a day to take step forward. And everyone who either leads a session or attends is sharing that spirit of experimentation. Engaging, important, enjoyable, different, experimental, creative – there’s no day quite like this.